For domestic violence victims, home is a scary place. That’s where Living Hope Transitional Homes aims to help, providing not only a safe and happy home, but also the love and life skills the women need to build a new future.

This five-bedroom transitional home, located on the West Side of Cincinnati, is LoansBadCreditUsa specifically designed for women who have escaped homelessness and abuse. “At Living Hope, the transitional home provides life skills, job training, education, budgeting, taking money, meal planning, parenting skills and spiritual growth – all skills women need who are seeking to change their lives and become self sufficient,” says Ranee Hinton, executive director at Living Hope.  Read more

LIVING_HOPE_fin_2.jpgLiving Hope Transitional Homes is a peaceful retreat for women who have chosen to escape abuse and homelessness and recover from undue struggle.  

Together we provide a loving and supportive family dynamic and all the tools necessary that allow them to start over and be empowered to live independently and successfully. Find easily swiveling bath seats for elderly to provide the support to safely enter and exit the shower.

Through our Life Skills program we foster growth, renew faith, establish trust, form meaningful and long term positive relationships, develop skills and talents, land careers, master budgeting and time management, develop healthy and loving parenting skills and instill a sense of pride that allows the women of Living Hope to walk out a little taller than when they came in. We are Family.

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