raneehinton.jpgRanee' Hinton, Executive Director of Living Hope Transitional Homes

Judy.jpgJudie Salyers, Life Skills Program Director

It was 25 years ago, at a time when I was married and raising my teenage son, that God showed me that I would be working with women (living with them as sort of a “den” mother) and that I would have many spiritual children, since I was unable to have any more of my own at that point.  This vision seemed unimaginable, so I spiritually “shelved” the idea, but I prayed and left it to be dealt with in a different season of time! 

That season of time arrived in May of 2004, when I joined Living Hope as a volunteer in the original location, next door to the Oak Hills United Methodist Church.  I would begin the day by arriving at 5:30am, positioning myself to offer help as needed and pray with the residents to help them start their day.  Working with each woman daily and weekly, I was able to touch every aspect of their lives as they progressed through our program, but my role gradually began to change, encompassing many other administrative tasks, such as planning, tracking, and budgeting.  As a result, I became Living Hope’s first employee in December of 2004 and continued working until late 2006, when it was necessary for me to return to the corporate career from which I had come.

However, even though I had left, the women and children of Living Hope remained in my heart, and I believe God had other ideas for me.  After having been unemployed for a year, I received a Living Hope Newsletter, and the available employment positions caught my attention.  With Cindy, I prayerfully and faithfully walked through the interview process for the Program Director, following God’s direction with each step.   In the end, God restored me to Living Hope, having fulfilled the vision He gave to me 25 years ago, and I know that I am moving in God’s will for my life now.  I have enjoyed being back with this wonderful God-led ministry and confident that God will produce abundant fruit via Living Hope’s program!

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