Tips on How to Choose Locks for Installation in the Armored Door

The choice of locks is an individual matter, there are personal preference and confidence in a particular lock, its design, and manufacturer. There is a rule: to install locks of different systems on the doors. This means that the top can be a cylinder, and the bottom – a lever lock. You can also install a lock with a tubular key, as the third additional. This will make life more difficult for a thief - not everyone has the qualifications and master keys to open locks that are completely different in construction. Worry about your safety? If you want to protect your property of burglars is the best solution.

The Electronic Lock as Protection Against the Thief

The electronic lock is a device that pushes the latch from the key fob on your keys. In some cases, as additional protection, such locks can be useful. But they are useful only in one case - your locks were opened with a clean method - master keys, self-impression keys, and other tools, which is rather unlikely with really reliable locks and their proper installation.

If brute force is used, then the invisible lock will not help you. It makes sense to install them exclusively in doors with thick reliable metal. Because otherwise, the doors will simply be released and the electronic lock will only slightly increase the hacking time, and in a thin door it will be useless. You can use stealth as the third additional lock to the two main ones.

Choose a High-Quality Lock and Protect Your Property

It is necessary to choose locks based on your wishes and financial opportunities. A thief can open and break anything, but the difference between cheap and quality doors with good locks will be significant. Thin doors are opened in 1-5 minutes, and quality locks can take up to an hour and not everyone can open them. The thief does not want to poke around in the lock, creating noise for as much as 60 minutes. It is very dangerous and attracts too much attention.

It is up to you to decide whether you need to overpay for the door and the lock or not. But protection is never superfluous. In most cases, good locks aren't opened. A good door and good locks will create optimal protection. The doors and locks will protect you from 95% of thieves and random problems. Having installed good entrance doors and proper burglar-proof locks, you can consider installing an alarm system with connecting the apartment to the security control panel of a public or private security company. Secure your life and the life of your family members with the help of high-quality door locks and various additional safety systems for your home.

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