Personal Stories from Our Residents

Christine's New Beginning

"Hi I'm Christine and I have a nine year old son. I came from a past that left me mentally and emotionally scarred. My parents did not have a healthy relationship. My father was an alcoholic, and my mother stayed with him because she thought I needed him. She did the best she could raising me and my siblings, given the situation. As I got older, I didn't know what to look for in a man, and I ended up making the same mistakes my mom did with all the resulting anxiety, depression and insecurities. I got involved in an abusive relationship and had a child. I now realize my son was a blessing, maybe the only blessing in my life. Through my son I realized I was repeating my mom's destructive cycle. God opened my eyes to see that my son was hurting even worse than I was. I prayed for God's guidance to show us the way.

"My son and I are here together at Living Hope. Before coming here I was afraid to move forward, not knowing what was ahead of us. Since being at LH, I have been taking GED classes, learning life skills, how to parent better and how to bond with my son. I have been learning to love myself as God made me, and I will teach my son that too.

"Living Hope has given me a new beginning and a chance to teach my son that he can grow into a strong, independent person some day and that with God, all things are possible. We will be forever grateful to everyone at LH for all their blessings that have made such a difference in my life."


Heather's Life Change

"I never imagined my life would change so drastically moving to Living Hope. I realize now there is still hope for me and my child. I can never thank you enough for your time and many donations. If it wasn't for your help, Living Hope wouldn't be here to help me. You're a true blessing"


Mindy's Story

"Hello, my name is Mindy and I am 19 years old. I have a 4 year old son, Kyle. I came to Living Hope on November 5, 2010. I came to Living Hope for the support. Being as young as I am, I thought that I couldn't find a way out. A way out of low-income housing, a way out of living off the government. I had no education. I now have my G.E.D. since I have been here at Living Hope. I became closer to God and also got baptized. Coming to Living Hope was the best choice I have made yet. The staff and volunteers are awesome. They actually care. They care about who I become; they care about what choices I make. I now know that I can and will become a better person and have a better life for my son and I. I plan to come back to help young women with children."


Mindy now has a permanent, full time job, a driver's license and a car as well as a savings account. She is currently mentoring other women at Living Hope.

Community Sponsors and Foundations


A & S Electric
Bridgetown Finer Meats
Duebber's Automotive
Charles H. Dater Foundation
Home City Ice
Lauber & Will Insurance
Murphy Insurance Agency
Wildcat Storage
Wheels Ministry of Crossroads Church
Neidhard-Minges Funeral Home
Helen Steiner Rice Foundation
Ohio National Foundation
The Spaulding Foundation
Ed & Joann Hubert Foundation
Marge Schott Foundation